Anorak News | Six year old girl survived Sandy Hook massacre by playing dead for God

Six year old girl survived Sandy Hook massacre by playing dead for God

by | 17th, December 2012

DOES the media corrupt the story? The look-at-me ABC TV news woman speaks to Pastor Jim Solomon who knows that a six-year-old girl survived Adam Lanza’s murderous rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School by playing dead. She stayed quiet. She may have been too petrified to move or speak. Play dead. It’s human instinct.


“She ran out of the school building covered from head to toe with blood and the first thing she said to her mom was, ‘Mommy, I’m OK but all my friends are dead.” 

The child was the first survivor taken from the school after the shooting.

Why did she survive?

The news reporter says the child survived because she was “smart” and “brave“. How does she know this? We’re not told.

The reporter asks how the parents are “doin‘”. She asks her ‘how does it feel?’ question in a homey accent. The effect is the reverse of what she intends. She appears not to be on the level. The sympathetic, matey tone makes her look more like an outsider.

The pastor says the child has “survivor’s guilt”. He says it was “divine intervention”. God saved this child. The others, they died.

If God saved her why didn’t God save the rest of them?

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