Anorak News | Tesco champions anti-ageism by asking ‘livid’ pensioner to remove hood

Tesco champions anti-ageism by asking ‘livid’ pensioner to remove hood

by | 20th, December 2012

HURRAH for Tesco, champion of the anti-ageists.

In “Gran, 69, is a hoodie says Tesco“, The Lancashire Evening Post reports on “livid” great-grandma Barbara Francis, who was told to remove her hood of face expulsion from the Tesco Express, Ashton.

Says she:

“It was pouring down outside so I had my big yellow jacket with a hood and fur on. I had just bobbed in [how hard was that rain?!] for one item so I didn’t bother taking my hood down. I was in the aisle when someone came up and said, ‘Excuse me’… I turned around and a man asked me to remove my hood. I asked him what for. He said it was company policy.”

Anti-ageism in action. Then what?

“I was livid, fuming.”

Fuming Hoodie!

But I was upset as well. I asked if he was joking and he said he wasn’t. I told him to look at me. I’m a 69-year-old pensioner. Would I be a danger?”

The worker did not point to picture of 69-year-old Harold Van Horne, accused of robbing a bank earlier this month.

Barbara adds:

“I just walked off. I told him I wasn’t shopping there anymore. I only went in for some Quaker Oats and needless to say I came out without them. I was so annoyed and angry.”


“The way I was dressed should have told him I was an older lady.”

So..? Don’t older ladies shoplift, mug and hold up supermarkets for the takings?

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