Anorak News | Kabang the child-saving hero dog with no nose saved from cancer

Kabang the child-saving hero dog with no nose saved from cancer

by | 29th, December 2012

OVER in the Philippines, there is a dog with no nose. Is it really cute or really horrible? Well, let us learn about Kabang the dog before passing judgement.

Kabang is a pooch that lost it’s snout while saving two children and, on top of all that, it appears to have beaten cancer according to its vet. It seems to be some kind of super dog!

Kabang reportedly jumped into the path of a speeding motorcycle that was about to hit the daughter and niece of its owner and, in this act of heroism, the hound lost its snout and her complete upper jaw.

With help from a fundraising campaign, Kabang was flown to the University of California Davis’ Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for treatment in October and, while there, as well as the huge wound in her face, it transpired Kabang had vaginal cancer which required chemotherapy.

Gina Davis (no, not that one) from the University of California said:

“There is no evidence of any remaining tumour. As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumour.”

And now, more than £12,000 has been donated from 20 countries online, to try and improve her quality of Kabang’s life, as well as being given a special mass, a three-hour motorcade and 300 dogs attended a send-off ceremony before her flight to California.

What is strange is that Kabang was found as a puppy in a rice field and was intended to be used as food for the family, but the younger members of the family grew too close to it, before it went on to become ‘hero dog’.

So, in summary, this is the story of a quite remarkable little dog. But is it cute? Is it hell. It’s horrible looking.



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