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What are the most irritating words on the planet?

by | 8th, January 2013

THERE are scores of people out there who just say anything that comes out of their mouths without thinking about it. This leads to people repeating annoying words and phrases over and over. YOLO? You wouldn’t live long if I were king. Tweeps? You should be flogged in a public square for that.

So what are the most irritating words on Earth? Well, Marist have done a study to find out just that.

Topping the poll was “whatever“, which indeed, is a eye-wateringly infuriating word. Whatever is uttered by people who know they’re wrong, but can’t be bothered defending themselves, therefore, underlining their idiocy.

Whatever came top for the fourth consecutive year, coming in ahead of ‘like‘ and ‘y’know‘. Getting high charting positions were ‘just sayin” and ‘Twitterverse‘ also.

Author of The Horologicon Mark Forsyth suggested:

“Saying ‘whatever’ is just a much more concise way of saying, ‘I haven’t listened to what you said. I don’t value your opinion, and I’m incapable of taking on the facts you told me’.

“In that sense, it’s a very concise word – just a rude one.”

And so, we throw this over to you. What are the words and phrases which grind your gears? What do people say which make you want to have a bath with a two-bar heater in it? There’s surely going to be a big shout for ‘I’m not being funny, but…’

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