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Boobs on sale for advertising!

by | 10th, January 2013

REMEMBER when Homer Simpson sold off bits of his body for advertisements? Everyone bought blue pants and remembered to chow down on Maine potatoes.

Well, one mysterious individual has decided to sell the space on her boobies.

For money, you can put adverts on them. Adverts. On real life human breasts.

Of course, with this being breasts rather than male genitalia (which no-one wants to look at, including gay men and randy women), there’s been rather a lot of interest.

Clients can advertise their products or events on one of her breasts for a bargain £5, with a special offer of just £9 available for both. Seems reasonable.

The advert was initially posted on a Gumtree-style website in the Czech Republic, before it was brought to the world’s attention on Facebook.

“I am a beautiful young girl and I offer my breasts for greeting cards and adverts,” explained the girl. “Send me your message and I’ll send you a pic with it written on my breasts.”

One user replied: “It’s good value for money, but I’d pay double if I could write the advert myself.”

There’s always one bozo around to spoil it by acting like a creep isn’t there? What do you mean you haven’t read a single word of this because you were looking at boobs?


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