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Pigeons to be tinkered with so they defecate soap

by | 22nd, January 2013

THERE’S an experiment afoot in London which will attempt to turn pigeon poo into soap, which is obviously not weird or cruel at all.

In a video explaining the project, it is explained:

“Like other birds pigeons can be fun company but they are also messy,” adding: “The bird will be fed a specially-designed diet. The individuals behind the idea claim they are using synthetic biology to create the bacteria that will modify the metabolism of the birds.”

So, instead of getting crap all over your car, you’ll have nice soap… which may erode your paint job… and is equally unpleasant if it ends up in your eye.

Naturally, the idea is that pigeons will clean the city with their shitty, which is an impressively crackpot idea. In turn, everyone will start to love those bug-riddled, bubblegum footed creatures of the sky.

Still, it isn’t nearly as mental as the idea that the Ukraine had, where they tried to get local pigeons drunk so they could deport them. Residents were going to feed the pigeons wine-soaked bread and to then move them somewhere else where they would wake up with a rotten hangover and craving kebab meat.

Anyway, here’s a video to watch of those who would like to turn pigeon faeces into bubbles.

Photo: An Eastern White Pelican eats a Pigeon in St.James Park,London . The Pelicans diet generally consists of small fish. Monday October 24, 2006

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