Anorak News | How to repair and mourn your ‘Dutch wife’ sex doll

How to repair and mourn your ‘Dutch wife’ sex doll

by | 22nd, January 2013

“UNTIL about 30 years ago, the typical ‘Dutch Wife’ (love doll) sold at sex shops in Japan was of the inflatable type, and of shoddy quality that was easily subject to deflation at the slightest, er, prick.”

Sex dolls in Japan were called “Dutch wives”? Dutch husbands might blow out their cheeks:

“When customers brought the dolls in for repairs, vendors would stick on hot patches, like on tire inner tubes,” [said Hideo Tsuchiya, president of Orient Kogyo K.K., a manufacturer of state-of-the-art love dolls].

Some of these buyers, however, had their own reasons for preferring rubber joy mates to real women. Some weren’t satisfied with going to brothels. Others, jilted by their mates, had become eternally suspicious of females….

Orient Kogyo also provides after-service. When and if the time comes for the dolls to part with their owner, the company will conduct a kuyo (Buddhist memorial service) for the doll, complete with floral offerings..

Dutchman supply the novelty vases… You get the passport.

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