Anorak News | France smells of sweat, garlic and bd eggs

France smells of sweat, garlic and bd eggs

by | 23rd, January 2013

A CLOUD of gas has hit Kent. It’s source: France. It’s methyl mercaptan, a gas added to natural gas to make it detectable at even minute concentrations. It makes it easy to spot a gas leak. So. What does it smell like? The Prefect of Police, Prefect of the Zone Defense and Security of Paris, issues a press release:

During the morning of 21 January, a leak occurred in the company Lubrizol in Seine-Maritime. Disengagement of a MERCAPTAN diffuses into the atmosphere and the smell is felt in several departments… The MERCAPTAN is a compound giving sulfur odors of sweat, garlic or rotten egg. It is associated with town gas to help detect a gas leak.It presents no inhalation toxicity and presents no risk.

French cloud smells of bad eggs, garlic and sweat. Who knew..?

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