Anorak News | Mirror ignores Simon Fox in its biased story of how HMV died

Mirror ignores Simon Fox in its biased story of how HMV died

by | 23rd, January 2013

THE Daily Mirror live blogged HMV’s demise. One day the old media will live blog a record as it’s being played in an effort to look up-to-date.

Mirror columnist Tony Parson knew who to blame:

It took a lot of people to kill the great British high street. Spiv bankers who drove ­capitalism to the edge of ruin, internet giants who don’t pay their fair share of tax, greedy landlords who want sky high rents even during a ­recession, a Government incapable of making our economy grow and – yes – ­hypocrites like me, who wipe away a tear for HMV with one hand while one-click buying from Amazon on the other.

What about the HMV management? The Mirror never blamed them.

The only sign the Mirror recognises HMV was in the mire comes via a tweet featured in that live blog:

@Lord_Sugar: Sad to see HMV go into administration today. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming – see extract from my book 2 years ago

If Sugar saw it coming, did others?

Two years ago, HMV was led by Simon Fox. He had held the post for six years.

(He was replaced by Trevor Moore, the former chief executive of photography chain Jessop, now, like HMV, dead. Fox was Managing Director of Comet. That’s now dead, too.)

Fox left HMV in August 2012. In September he took a new job as Trinity Mirror’s chief executive, the company that owns the Mirror.

So. Why no mention of Fox and failed management at HMV in the Mirror?

His Master’s Voice, indeed…

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