Anorak News | Daily Mail pervs at Heidi Klum’s 8-year-old daughter Leni

Daily Mail pervs at Heidi Klum’s 8-year-old daughter Leni

by | 28th, January 2013

THE DAILY Mail loves underage girls. It likes to watch them. In 2011, the Mail spotted Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni:

As the daughter of a supermodel and a chart-topping singer, little Helene Samuel was bound to be talented. But it seems that ballet may be the blonde-haired youngster’s passion. The five-year-old arrived for her dance class today…

Ah, those passionate tots in tutus. In March 2011, the Mail said Leni was aged five.

Today the Mail’s Bianca Carneiro looks again at Leni:

Who’s the model now? Little Leni steals the show as her mother Heidi Klum wears dowdy outfit to take her to gym class

Well, Leni isn’t a model. She’s just wearing some shorts. Carneiro adds:

It looks like Heidi Klum’s daughter might be hoping to become a model just like her mother.

What about the ballet, Leni? What about that passion? Carneiro goes on:

Heidi’s eldest Leni clearly stole the show with her workout attire, proving that she could easily follow her mum’s footsteps into the world of fashion.

We are told that Leni is eight. The Mail should take care with a child’s age right. At the Mail’s rate of ageing, the paper’s readers will think Lenie 16 in just three years time. (Leni is 8.) Carneiro has moved on:

The eight-year-old put on her best modelling face as she stepped out of class wearing a striped navy shirt and black shorts, all topped by purple hair bow and a pair of youthful frilled pink zebra print socks and blue shoes.

Leni’s best modelling face can be described as “unsmiling and looking quizzically at the strange man with a camera taking her photo”.

The Mail adds a caption:

“All eyes on me: The eight-year-old showed off her best model walk through the parking lot…”

Model walk: hold hand with mum and put one foot in front of the other.

But watch out, Leni. There’s a new kid in town:

And the youngest of the bunch, three-year-old Lou, hammed it up for the cameras in a purple and pink leotard and shorts ensemble with her own frilled pink socks and red lady bug UGGs.

Lou than “hams it up” some more by sitting in a swing and looking at the sandpit. All the while a man in the playground takes her photo. Not that there’s anything pervy about a man with a camera taking photos of stranger’s kids, you understand. He’s just compiling a Daily Mail look book for kids’ fashions.

If you cock an ear you can hear the snapper doing his work. “Show us your knickers, Leni. Pyjamas or nightie, Lou?”

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