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PETA don’t like monkeys in space

by | 29th, January 2013

IRAN have announced that they are going to send a monkey into space, and despite the fact half the celebrity world is fighting for a place on Richard Branson’s spaceflights, PETA aren’t happy about it. Don’t they realise how clever a monkey has to be to be able to fly a spaceship?

Wait. The monkey isn’t willingly going? Ah.

Either way, Iranian TV has shown pictures of a monkey strapped into a space pod. You’ll be familiar with the set-up as pretty much the same thing was done in the spacerace of the ’50s.

PETA claims it was “appalled” by the images of the “visibly terrified monkey” in the Iranian state TV footage, adding that the scenes harked back to the “darkest days” of the “wasteful and cruel mistakes” of the space race.

Iran meanwhile, have at least shown an equal contempt for all animalkind, as they’ve previously tried to send a rocket to space filled with monkeys, a mouse, worms and a turtle. A veritable ark you might say.

This is all thanks to Iran’s hope to send a manned programme to space. Iranian defence minister Ahmad Vahidi said earlier this week: “This success is the first step towards man conquering space, and it paves the way for other moves.”

Man, conquering space eh? We’ve done a sterling job so far, having hardly anyone toddling around on the moon. Still, at least the conspiracy theorists get good use out of it all.


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