Anorak News | Want moobs? Visit Leeds where 59% of men have them

Want moobs? Visit Leeds where 59% of men have them

by | 31st, January 2013

WHEN men get fat, it is perfectly on limits to mock them. Not women. Just men. If you do it to a woman, you’re spiteful and pressuring women to be a certain shape. If a man puts weight on, you can all cheerily singing “who ate all the pies?!” at them and chuckle away while they go home and cry themselves to sleep. And so, looking at fat men, who it is perfectly alright to mock, where in Britain has the most moobs? Well, according to a survey, the man-titted capital of the UK is LEEDS! 59% of men asked in the Yorkshire city admitted they owned a pair, with Swansea following closely behind with 57%. Maz Darvish, who is responsible for this entirely useless survey, said: “Although the majority of men with ‘moobs’ admit they’re a result of a lack of exercise and a poor diet, to find that so many would still prefer to have surgery to correct the issue is worrying.” “Cosmetic operations like ‘moob surgery’ and liposuction are potentially very short-term solutions to obesity, especially if the patient continues to eat unhealthily and exercise rarely.”

“Whilst in some cases moobs are due to hormonal problems or medication, excessive fat build-up of any kind is usually a sign that a healthier lifestyle is in order.”

Nearly three quarters of men asked said having ‘man boobs’ affected their confidence and 42 per cent admitted they had thought about having corrective surgery. See? A man there, working for a corporation that sells sports equipment (we took out their URL to teach them a lesson), running a survey which will belittle men, pretending to care about everyone’s feelings. What a selfless, selfless arse. Anyway, if you’re wondering which places scored highly, here’s the Top 10 moob places:

1. Leeds – 59% 2. Swansea – 57% 3. Glasgow – 56% 4. Manchester – 54% 5. Bristol – 52% 6. Newport – 50% 7. Coventry – 48% 8. Wrexham – 46% 9. Colchester – 45% 10. Lincoln – 45%

NEXT WEEK: Dieting company run survey results on Cities With Women With Big Personalities.

Moobs in photos.

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