Anorak News | Katie Price wipes her arse with snotty Sandals

Katie Price wipes her arse with snotty Sandals

by | 1st, February 2013

HOW did The Sandals resort react to best-selling author Katie Price’s appraisal of their facilities? Price married Mr Pricey number 3 at the Caribbean chain. She compared the place to a “smelly flip-flop”.

“Sandals my arse. It was more like a smelly old flip-flop.”

Sandals could have ignored her, but instead issued a statement, at once realising the woman’s power:

“Sandals Resorts is disappointed that Ms Price was not happy with her stay and as a gesture of goodwill are willing to offer her a refund — on condition that she does not choose our resorts for any future weddings.”

Oh, beam me up, Snotty. If that’s how Sandals values a multi-millionaire guest, what does it think of the plebs who save up for the all-inclusive Butlins? Unlike Jordan, who has many names, the Sandals statement is voiced by an anoymous writer. But I’m guesing they’re socially insecure, disappointed by their lack of career sucess and really don’t get as much sex as they should…

Photos: Taken from the Sandals website, an advert showcasing the resorts innate class – look, loadsa booze!

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