Anorak News | When Valeria ‘Barbie’ Lukyanov met Justin ‘Ken’ Jedlica

When Valeria ‘Barbie’ Lukyanov met Justin ‘Ken’ Jedlica

by | 2nd, February 2013

IN time, Valeria Lukyanov may one day sue Barbie for encouraging her to live unrealistic life. Valeria is the Ukrainian who, raised on the West images of the ideal woman, began to look like Barbie. She’s in New York, home of the law suit, to meet not her lawyers, but Justin Jedlica, a real-life Ken doll. Sad to say that the pair did not hit off. There will no bundles of plastic to coo over. Indeed, Valeria was damning of Ken, saying: “He overdid his lips.” A small child then entered the room, pointed at the pair and screame, “I want them!” Valeria and Justin were last seen in the back of an SUV reenacting mum and dad’s last fight as their new owner’s big brother pounded Ken in the face with a brontosaurus called Danny…


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