Anorak News | Who is wiping animal sperm on women in Bury?

Who is wiping animal sperm on women in Bury?

by | 8th, February 2013

IS he back, the phantom animal-sperm tosser? In 2010, a man was going about Bury chucking and smearing animal sperm on women in the street. What sperm? We were never told. Cat sperm seemed unlikely, so too unicorn and ant.

Now more women are being targetted.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

Tests are currently underway to identify the substance – believed to be semen. Officers have said the attacks may be linked to a series of similar incidents in the town three years ago where girls were found to have been sprayed or smeared with animal ejaculate.

Have Tesco and Findus workers been taking their work home with them? One man’s sperm is another man’s cheese topping for a Horse Lasagna…

Spotter: Karen


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