Anorak News | French ecology minister opens school for wolves

French ecology minister opens school for wolves

by | 9th, February 2013

WHAT’S the time, Mr Wolf. It’s school time. France has proposed the “National Wolf Plan”, a  government plan into “educating” wolves. Graduates will no longer want to eat raw sheep. With enough educating, wolves may care to first skin the sheep, before coating it in a herb butter and asking the farmer’s wife to roast it in her over.

That for later. The first module involves capturing a wolf and then marking it. The thinking is that the animal will be so traumatised by the experience it will leave the sheep <alone. Good news for sheep. Less good news for deer, boar, rabbits and other wild animals the teachers hope the wolf will turn to. 

The advise for them is to take the Ecology ministries class in equal rights, and learn how to dress like sheep…

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