Anorak News | Spurs: Andre Villas Boas and Gareth Bale owe it all to Harry Redknapp?

Spurs: Andre Villas Boas and Gareth Bale owe it all to Harry Redknapp?

by | 9th, February 2013

HOW much does Spurs wonderboyo Gareth Bale owe Harry Redknapp? Bale is having a fantastic season. He’s a match winner whose getting better. Redknapp didn’t sign him for Spurs from his old club Southampton (corrected). Martin Jol did. Adrian Durham tells Daily Mail readers:

“There are some Spurs fans who refuse to credit Harry Redknapp. Instead they point to Harry’s alleged wish to send Bale out on loan.”

Well, he did want to.

“After a serious ankle ligament injury, and then a knee operation, a loan spell would have made sense, but Harry was forced to put him in the first team when Benoit Assou-Ekotto suffered injury. Under Harry Redknapp, Gareth Bale became a star player dominating games in the Barclays Premier League and in Europe.”

Maybe Spurs fans don’t credit Redknapp because it was chance that saw Bale’s career salvaged at Spurs? The player was played out of necessity. His talent did the rest.

Durham isn’t finished:

“So I hope after the win at West Brom on Sunday, in which Bale scored a brilliant winner, Spurs fans and Villas-Boas remembered Redknapp for turning a weakling who couldn’t win a game in a Tottenham shirt, into one of the most feared and sought after players in Europe.”

No. They won’t.

“Spurs, and Villas-Boas in particular, owe Harry Redknapp a huge debt. Thanks to Harry, Villas-Boas is rebuilding his reputation in the game.”

Eh? Thanks to Redknapp, Villas-Boas’ team is doing well?

As for Harry, well, as Bale gets better, he gets bigger:

Harry Redknapp, August 2012: “I can’t think of a better left-sided player [in Britain], really. That left foot of his is amazing, he can run all day and he can head it – he’s 6ft 2in. He’s got everything. You couldn’t even put a value on him. Almost any club in the world would want to buy him – in fact, I know they would.”

Harry Redknapp, April 2010: “He came here and it was difficult. To have gone 23 or 24 games without being on a winning team, that’s not easy to have hanging around your neck. ‘He’s growing up fast and he’s got everything, really. He’s a 6ft 1in left winger who can score goals” 

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