Anorak News | John Galliano dresses like a schlocky Nazi

John Galliano dresses like a schlocky Nazi

by | 14th, February 2013

ONE day John Galliano will make Hassidic Jews on-trend. The convicted anti-semite who declared his love for all things Hitler (it’s zer shorts – to die fur) was spotted heading to Oscar de la Renta’s show at New York Fashion Week yesterday. 

The New York Post was disgusted. “SHMUCK,” it screamed. How very dare he mock Hasidic Jews. Galliano was dressed in a long dark coat and a grey homburg hat. His hair was twirled.

Young Hassidic Jews sigh with joy. “Finally, already,” they say in one voice. “Finally, the satin and velvet coat, the furry hat and tucking the trousers into the long black socks is fashionable. After 150 years, finally this look is hip again.

Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League tells the Observer:

“The New York Post story is a ridiculous, absurd distortion. There is no truth to their accusation that John Galliano was dressed in Hasidic garb, and anyone familiar with the dress of traditional Orthodox Jews should not mistake what Galliano is wearing in the photograph as ‘Hasidic garb.’

This is John Galliano being John Galliano. His dress is always eccentric and his hair is always worn long. This is, at the very least, ignorance on the part of the reporters and editors at the Post, or, at worst, a deliberate, malicious distortion in an effort to sell newspapers. For the past year and a half, Mr. Galliano has been on a pilgrimage to learn from and grow from his mistakes. Now people are trying to distort and destroy him. He has spent hours with me and with others in the European Jewish community, including rabbis and Holocaust scholars, in an effort to better understand himself and to learn from his past mistakes. He is trying very hard to atone.”

By a process of sharing the scoop in-house, the Post’s sister paper, the London Times leads with the story of Galliano’s hat, coat and My Little Pony hair.

Update: The New York Post follows up:

A day after offending some Jews by stepping out in Hasidic-like garb, disgraced designer John Galliano appeared to rethink his wardrobe. The designer, who was fired by Dior for an anti-Semitic rant. sported a pair of baggy camouflage pants, with a baggy jacket, thick-rimmed glasses and a wool cap as he took his dog for a walk in Manhattan yesterday.

Sheesh! Now he dressed like a schlocky Nazi. The shame!

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