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Heraldry goes mad in Deal

by | 16th, February 2013

DEAL Town Council and Deal Town FC, both in Kent, have been told that their official crests have to go. The Borough of Deal no longer exits, and the council and football club have been using its crest. The badge that does not exist features a Roman Centurion and a Royal Marine. 

Facts: Julius Caesar landed in Walmer near Deal. The Royal Marines first base was in Deal. 

Deal mayor Marlene Burnham says it is “.

The crest was made for the Borough of Deal in 1968. Deal Borough Council went the way of the Romans in 1974 and Deal Town Council was formed in 1996.

Town clerk Linda Dykes explains:

“Only when they had investigated further was it confirmed that the arms were granted to the Borough of Deal at a time when the borough included Walmer as well. As the present town does not have the same area the transfer of arms is not possible. The crest is not and never has been transferrable and should only have ever been used by Deal Borough Council.”

Caesar never did land in Deal. So why would a Roman Centurion be on the crest? The simple way to keep costs down would be for the Marine to stay but the Romans to be replaced with a more authentic Deal figure, like the Timeball, diarist Samuel Pepys with his nose raised high as if sniffing a turd (he described the place as “pitiful”) and Norman Wisdom, who grew up in the town. 

Or failing that, they could do as most football clubs have and just create something that goes well with jeans…

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