Anorak News | Weatherman passes out in morning TV stunt

Weatherman passes out in morning TV stunt

by | 22nd, February 2013

AUSTRALIAN weatherman, Grant Denyer, has some interesting ways of reporting on the weather, making Fred Talbot (the less about him the better, presently) look like someone gently frollicking through a meadow.

Our Grant, for some inexplicable reason, decided to broadcast from a stunt-plane. A stunt-plane going so fast and driving in such a mental manner, that it made our dear old weatherman pass out.

Filming for Channel 7’s Sunrise, Denyer was cooing about how fast he was going, before it all got a bit too much for his normal, human brain.

Throughout the report, he looked incredibly uncomfortable, but gamely soldiered on while stunt pilot Matt Hall did frankly sordid things with his aeroplane.

“I want to see how long I can last at G8,” Denyer impishly quipped. “I want to know if I’m as tough as Matt Hall.”

Alas, it didn’t take long before all the blood ran from the weatherman’s entire skull and soon, he was keeled over with his eyes lolling around his head like a Gnasher badge.

Co-host Mel Doyle looked on from the studio, laughing, as anyone would do: “Oh my God. He’s passed out! Oh, cut! We don’t want to see.”

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