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Madeleine McCann: What really happend with the troll Tony Bennett and Peter Tobin

by | 23rd, February 2013

ON Thursday last, Tony Bennett, 65, was given a three months prison sentence suspended for one year for publishing claims that Kate and Gerry McCann caused their daughter Madeleine’s death. There is, of course, no proof that the child has died. There is no evidence whatsoever that the McCanns had any part in any death. All we know is that the innocent child is missing.

Mr Justice Tugendhat found Bennett guilty of contempt of court.

“I am sure that he intended to allege that the claimants are to be suspected of causing the death of their daughter, and did in fact dispose of her body, lie about what happened and covered up what they had done. It is essential for the rule of law that injunctions and court orders be obeyed. It can’t be an answer that the person who is giving an undertaking or subject to an injunction can ignore it with impunity while it is in force.”

Bennett was found to have deliberately breached legal undertakings, given in November 2009, not to repeat allegations about the McCanns.

Bennett apologised:

“I recognise the distress I have caused on a number of occasions to the claimants. I would like to apologise to them for that distress.”

He has to pay the costs of the litigation. Ouch!

[The judge] agreed with lawyers for the McCanns that Bennett had played “cat and mouse” with them by complying with the undertakings some of the time. “He was testing them with false or disingenuous assurances and demands for explanations to which, as a member of the public with no responsibility for law enforcement, he was not entitled.”

Anorak knows Mr Bennett, having banned him from commenting here years ago. A reader points us to a post on Anna Raccoon’s site.

**Declaration of interest (2): Such is Bennett’s ‘interest’ in the welfare of children and child protection, that I once had to bar him from another web site for posting information regarding a child murderer that would have derailed the entire case, potentially allowing the murderer to walk free.

That’s not right.

She had nothing at all to do with that decision. Another moderator had warned us (and all other moderators) of the dangers of covering the arrest and previous of one Peter Tobin. I then blocked Bennett for his repeated and deliberately persistent attempts to name the man and revealing he was already serving life for the rape and murder of a young woman.

By the way I doubt the 16-years-old plus women Tobin has a penchant for raping and then killing could be described as “children”.

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