Anorak News | Children burn as they cycle through fire (video)

Children burn as they cycle through fire (video)

by | 25th, February 2013

TO Adelaide, Australia, where three 15-year-olds are performing the “jump through fire” on bikes at Findon Skid Kids. They managed to navigate through the fire, but not the flaming cardboard.
Findon Skid Kids president Mick Harley said:
“We’ve been doing the fire jump for 55 years and every so often, somebody might get some burns. The cardboard is normally in two sheets joined at the middle so it breaks when they hit it. They used cardboard that was a full sheet so it wasn’t cut. On this particular occasion they took the cardboard with them and that’s how they got burnt… They are pretty well protected. It’s just in this instance they took the fire with them and the heat has got to them.” 
Kid today, eh. When I were a lad you had to stay in and play video games…

YouTube link.

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