Anorak News | Daily Mail takes on Mumsnet and loses horribly

Daily Mail takes on Mumsnet and loses horribly

by | 25th, February 2013

HOW media works: Zoe Brennan wants readers of Mumsnet to help her with a story:

I am writing a feature for The Daily Mail about the increase in the number of children being sent to A&E. Figures released earlier this week show an increasing number of youngsters are sent direct to hospital, because GPs are reluctant to treat children. Babies in particular. This means long waits, and inappropriate care. Has your child been sent to A&E with a common infection or minor injury by your GP or NHS Direct? Have you an opinion on this subject, as a parent?

It turned out that, as a parent, the mums did have opinions to share with Brennan:

* Ha! But your paper is always running articles about how GPs sent children home when in fact it was meningitis / cancer / other dangerous illnesses. I imagine is is just another NHS bashing article where pretty much no-one can win whatever they do? – PetiteRaleuse:

* What figures show that GPs are reluctant to treat children? Source please. – slhilly

* I have an opinion. Gp stands for generalpractioner, they’re not experts in any speciality. Therefore if they’re not sure they will refer to hospital so the child can be seen by a specialist. If the GP thinks its urgent that referral will be a&e. I’d much rather be sent with dd and it turns out to be nothing than a gp think its nothing and it turns out to be something bad. It isn’t inappropriate care and no parent would begrudge a long wait to be seen and ensure their childs health. I really do think that the DM has lost the plot. Do you really think your readers are too thick to not read such an article and think exactly what I’ve said. – VivaLeBeaver

* Viva You know they’ll probably take that story and twist it, don’t you? – SchroSawMargeryDaw

* Hah! Saw the title and thought: bet that’s the DM. Like most sensible people I’d rather a child visit A&E unnecessarily than take the chance something serious was missed. Shame on you for scaremongering. – Lastofthepodpeople

* Oh are you sure about this? Or is this assumption based on the shite opinions of some of your colleagues? – Rooneyisalwaysmoaning

* I’m sick to death of seeing NHS bashing crap in the Daily Mail. It’s boring. Bore off. – tiredemma


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