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Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp’s gun does the talking

by | 2nd, March 2013

REEVA Steenkamp once fired a gun. She posted an image of her firing a pistol on a shooting range. The Daily Mail says the weapon used by the “pretty blonde” is “almost identical to the the one that killed her”.

The busy “Daily Mail Reporter” notes:

This picture may give a clue into how aware Steenkamp was with the gun culture of South Africa

Eh? A photograph of a woman on a shooting range gives us an insight into the dead woman’s state of mind? In London 2012, lots of men and women stood on shooting ranges. Were they worried about Britain’s gun culture? Had they read about Marc Duggan, the man shot dead by police – an action that led to intense rioting? The picture only tells us that Reeva Stenkamp once held a gun.

This Indian website goes further:

Reeva Steenkamp felt ‘less stressed’ after shooting gun at range, reveal photographs. After her shooting stint, Steenkamp had reportedly written on Twitter- “Shooting games this morning! I feel less stressed now”

Because shooting guns can be fun. It’s not all about crime and fear.

The Sun conjures an anonymous source to explain:

“It shows she was used to handling guns herself and would not have felt uncomfortable having a boyfriend who kept one by his bed. Guns are part of everyday life here but you can forget just how dangerous they are.”

To recap: Unarmed Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead.

Did Pistorius have any more guns?

In his Olympic year, Oscar Pistorius steadily became an avid firearms collector, joining a gun-collecting club and purchasing a collection of firearms that included a .500 Magnum pistol dubbed by its manufacturer as “the most powerful production revolver in the world” and a civilian version of a military assault rifle.

All legal.

At the end of 2012, in the first blush of his romance with Reeva Steenkamp, the model he later shot and killed, Pistorius got deeper into his hobby. It was known that Pistorius liked guns but only now is it becoming clear the extent to which he became a dedicated firearms aficionado in the 12 months before he shot Steenkamp.

Who also was not averse to holding a gun.

Pistorius was for a time a member of the Lowveld Firearm Collectors Association which accepted Pistorius as a paid-up member last April.

The Phoenix Star adds:

He practised at firing ranges both in South Africa and in Europe where he trained for the London Games… Beare said he twice observed Pistorius shoot at firing ranges and also at a clay pigeon shoot, but saw nothing to suggest he could be a menace with a gun.

“His safety was good,” Beare said.

The other woman

A woman claims Pistorius assaulted her. Says his lawyer, Gary Pritchard:

“There are confidential settlement negotiations under way.”

If anything confidential in South African justice?

The Herald Sun reports:

The Paralympic and Olympic sprinter is suing his former neighbour Cassidy Taylor-Memmory, who in 2009 said he slammed a door at her during a party at his house. He was arrested and spent a night in jail, but police later dropped the charge. “It was a couple of years back. He claimed damages to his reputation from her,” Pritchard told AFP of the 2.2 million rand ($240,000) lawsuit.

The baby?

Asia One: “Did Oscar Pistorius shoot girlfriend over pregnancy revelation?”

AfriqueJet: “Reeva Steenkamp was not pregnant”

The show!

Metro News: “Oscar Pistorius: NBC to air documentary on Steenkamp killing”

What happens in the end?

Star magazine recently claimed in an article that Ryan Gosling and James Franco are “battling to play Oscar Pistorius in a movie.” According to a source, “Where there’s a scandal, a movie deal is sure to follow! Ryan is the natural choice – he looks just like Oscar! But James already played a dramatic character with a major handicap in 127 Hours.”

Is Daniel Day Lewis busy?

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