Anorak News | Heather Frost: which of benefits pirate’s 11 children should die in a house fire? You decide

Heather Frost: which of benefits pirate’s 11 children should die in a house fire? You decide

by | 7th, March 2013

heather frost
THE Daily Express has read the Mail’s account of Heather Frost’sterror” campaign against her neighbour. It leads with: “Benefit mum’s shocking reign of hate.

We are once more show diaries written by Doreen Freeman, 81. She’s dead. But her diaries live on. She ways Frost made her life “a living hell”. You can read extracts from of Doreen’s Diaries here.

Yesterday Dr James Freeman, a university lecturer, hit out at the council that has agreed to build a £400,000 house to accommodate benefits scrounger Frost’s huge family.

He says:

“It’s about time something was said to vilify this woman. She seems to have got every PC merchant pushing for her advancement, but she doesn’t deserve it. She’s being rewarded for her fecklessness.”

What should we do about the horse-riding benefits pirate of Tewkesbury, Gloucs? Mail readers want her dead.

1. Give her a middle-class makeover. Enforced “Daily Mail Aversion Therapy” will make Heather realise that she really is scum. She will then then spend her benefits on red wine and tutors for her kids, like decent people do.

2. Find out if she’s related to anyone who works at the BBC. This will result in a top job in media. She can then make a mint debating her own life on Radio 4 and, if things go well, the Daily Mail, where she will write beneath the banner, “There are downsides to looking this sexy: Why women hate me for being beautiful.”

3. Disguise herself as Jimmy Savile so that she can be beaten with sticks.

4. A phone vote to decide which of her 11 children should die in a house fire. The limit is six. So use your vote wisely.

5. Have her wear a large bell around her neck.

6. A sex tape.

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