Anorak News | Rains create kangaroo testicles shortage

Rains create kangaroo testicles shortage

by | 13th, March 2013

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IN Australia, a call has gone out for large kangaroo scrotums. John Kreuger of Townsville, Queensland, tells his local paper that the lack of big bouncing balls could hurt his business.

Mr Kreuger, 71, makes his living tanning and stuffing roo testicles. At his peak, he can process 500 hollowed scrota with his Acme “de-nutter”. He then fashions the balls into bottle openers and sells them for $25 a pop.

But weather is an issue. Severe rains have driven roos to more remote areas. Says Kreuger:

“The kangaroos are pretty smart animals. They know days in advance when it’s going to rain, so they head back to the desert country. It’s not quite panic stations yet. I’ve got something like 40,000 scrota stockpiled in freezers in Townsville. I’ve got enough work to keep me going for another 12 months.”

Wonder how much roo scrota Tesco’s has in its freezers?

Let us sing: Snippy, Snippy, Snippy the Bush Kanagaroo…

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