Anorak News | Stephen Lawrence: Gary Dobson drops his appeal and the white working class swoon

Stephen Lawrence: Gary Dobson drops his appeal and the white working class swoon

by | 16th, March 2013

Stephen Lawrence trial

GARY Dobson will not appeal his life sentence for his part in the murder of Stephen Lawrence. He’s dropped his appeal. Dobson, 36, and the connected David Norris, 35, were both imprisoned the 1993 murder of the black teenager.

But David Norris is appealing. Good. The thought of that odious scrote having his hopes raised and repeatedly dashed is satisfying.

Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen says of Dobson’s move:

“Now that Gary Dobson has dropped his appeal I can only assume it is because he has finally admitted he murdered Stephen. He could have done this much earlier and avoided the pain and heartache me and my family have had to suffer over so many years. I now hope that David Norris will do the same and avoid prolonging my pain. I also hope that those others who were involved on the 22nd April 1993 follow Gary Dobson’s lead and admit their own involvement.”

But he hasn’t admitted it. He’s just dropped his appeal. Admittance of guilt would offer the victim’s loved one’s closure. But Dobson, like Norris, is a coward.

Dobson had been acquitted of Stephen’s murder before the law was changed to allow him to stand trial once again. The law is fluid. Good.

The Daily Mail notes:

He [Dobson] could receive a significant reduction in his prison sentence if he testifies against fellow, unconvicted members of the murder gang…

Police believe they have exhausted all opportunities to gather new forensic evidence in the Lawrence case, meaning their best chance of nailing the other gang members is if a new witness comes forward – or Dobson tells the truth.

Don’t hold your breath. But, then, this isn’t about justice for Stephen Lawrence. It’s become about a cause. Things reached their nadir when Brian Reade wrote in the Daily Mirror:

Welcome to the Brook Estate in Eltham, south east London. The breeding ground of four of the five men accused of stabbing Stephen Lawrence to death as he waited for a bus a short walk away on the eve of St George’s Day six years ago.

Five products of a twisted philosophy drummed into them from birth. “If they’re black, stab ’em in the back.”…

A way of life passed down from father to son. You see the link emerge in the fading white graffiti sprayed 30 years ago on the walls of the old railway bridges around the estate, written by the last generation of Eltham Boyz. In three feet high letters: “SKINHEADS.”…

Give me the father and I’ll give you the son who will give you the son who will abuse, persecute and even kill another human being for committing the heinous crime of not being born white.

Racism was inherited. Get the killers and purge the land.

This is White Man’s Gulch… This is E-reg Escort-land.

So much for anti-discriminaiton, eh. When did the entire white working class become pariahs?

GK Chesterton and Michael Collins put it well:

“We are always ready to make a saint or prophet of the educated man who goes into cottages to give a little kindly advice to the uneducated,’ he wrote. But the real saints and prophets – those of the middle ages – were uneducated men ‘who walked into grand houses to give a little kindly advice to the educated.’ The wisdom of the poor was once deployed to moralise the rich; now that of the rich is used to demoralise the poor.”

Dobson won’t grass. Norris won’t admit to anything. Racism will not be ended by the arrest of more racist killers. You only get that by hard work and the elite opening their doors. And when you see black editors in Fleet Street, black, Jewish and Muslim faces in the aristocracy, and people not judged on their creed and race (see Reade’s comments above), then you’ll have equality

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