Anorak News | Man banned from ‘all libraries on the face of the earth’

Man banned from ‘all libraries on the face of the earth’

by | 18th, March 2013

library ban

TYREE S. Carter, 20, has been banned from “all libraries on the face of the earth“.

Yeah, libraries. How quaint. If Carter transgresses again will he be banned from riding a Penny Farthing to the video store?

There is a reason for Carter’s banning. He was masturbating in Wisconsin’s Racine Public Library. Carter was, reportedly, “standing in the open, not trying to conceal the act”. The Journal Times reports:

When police arrived Carter was seated reading a book at a table and the officer asked Carter if he knew why police were called. He said he had no idea, the complaint said. But when the officer explained, Carter allegedly apologized and said it was his first time doing it in public.

Carter is homeless. If convicted of the crime, he faces up to $11,000 in fines and a year in prison. Whether he will allowed to use the prison library is not known. He could be forced to use the showers, like everyone else…

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