Anorak News | Woman finds entire cat in her ‘pork’ sausage (photo)

Woman finds entire cat in her ‘pork’ sausage (photo)

by | 19th, March 2013

lucky the kitten

EVER find a kitten inside a sausage? Krod Yotchomrang, 52, did. She found the kitten inside a batch of foot-long sausages bought from a local market in Satuk district Thailand’s Buri Ram province. Says Krod:

“I was cutting the third sausage when I noticed what looked like a small cat. We almost threw up when we realised we were eating the body of a kitten for dinner.”

(In Thailand kittens are tea-time fare. The Thai’s are sticklers for standards.)

Kron then did di as any one would: she called the battered kitten Lucky and housed it in an altar. she burned incense and prayed before it. And it brought luck to Kron and her and her pals:

“Several of them won money on the lottery playing the number 52.”

They did not pool their money in the kitty…

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