Anorak News | Crimestoppers release Marijuana scented scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, which will make great roaches

Crimestoppers release Marijuana scented scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, which will make great roaches

by | 19th, March 2013

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THE war on drugs is an amusing/disturbing one, when you think of a load of policemen harassing a hapless stoner as they make their way through ten packets of Aldi jaffa cakes and watch Freddy Got Fingered for the seventh time that day.

Sure, stoners are useless individuals, but they’re thoroughly harmless.

However, Crimestoppers disagree and want us all to turn into informers to grass these buggers up. Pun intended. And how are they doing it? They’ve released marijuana-scented cards throughout the UK, so that you lot will be able to sniff out crime.

They’re hopiong that these scratch ‘n’ sniff cards will help people identify illegal cannabis farms in their neighbourhood. Of course, these cards will make excellent roaching material for any potheads out there, so these are bound to be hugely popular.

The police ensure us all that there’s a problem and it has been reported that in the last couple of years, the po-po have seized more than 1m marijuana plants, worth around £200m, which is a 15% increase in cannabis farms.

However, don’t go thinking these cards will get you high if you smoke them. In a tweet, Crimestoppers said that they do not contain any THC. The tweet said:

“Have u received one of our scratch and sniff cards? #weedthesigns #cannabis No THC content, just raising awareness.”

Crimestoppers’ director of operations, Roger Critchell, said:

“We are distributing scratch and sniff cards because not many people know how to recognise the signs of cannabis cultivation happening in their neighbourhood. Many are also not familiar with the established links between this crime and serious organised crime.”

Getting these cards will be West and South Yorkshire, London, Greater Manchester and Avon & Somerset, but they’ll be too stoned to notice.

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