Anorak News | Nibbles the hamster goes looking for help on Spey Street in Leith

Nibbles the hamster goes looking for help on Spey Street in Leith

by | 21st, March 2013

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IF Skippy, Slipper and Lassie taught us one thing it is that animals will do anything to save a human life. To Edinburgh, then, where a Syrian hamster was spotted “wandering along the pavement in the severe weather by a member of the public on Spey Street in Leith”.

What did the citizen do? Did they asks Nibbles what was up? Did Nibbles respond to probing questions about things being stuck down wells and rustlers? No. They called the Scottish SPCA who called Nibbles Poppy and too her to an Edinburgh rehoming centre.

Says the centre’s Duncan Robertson:

“It’s very lucky she was found by someone who helped her as there was a severe blizzard on Monday evening and it was bitterly cold. Poppy was found in Leith, which is a built up area with lots of flats nearby. Hamsters are fast creatures and can wriggle through small spaces so there is a chance she has escaped from home.”However, we are keeping an open mind at this stage and can’t rule out the possibility she may have been abandoned by her owner. Poppy could have easily come to harm so we’re really glad she’s now safe. We’re keen to hear from anyone who recognises Poppy…”

An open mind? Nibbles’s owner is trapped in the bathtub. The door’s jammed shut. And there’s a crocodile in the sink..?!

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