Anorak News | Giant asbestos tarantula found in Welsh attic

Giant asbestos tarantula found in Welsh attic

by | 21st, March 2013

Chilean Rose tarantula wales

WHAT is worse than a tarantula? Finding a giant asbestos tarantula in your attic, which is on the loose and probably laying eggs in your mouth while you’re asleep!


Asbestos specialists Kusten Vorland were carrying out a survey in a 19th-century house in Cardiff when they made a truly disgusting discovery.

Surveyor Katie Parsons-Young said:

“I was the first in. I sort of saw a leg, screamed and went. I will certainly not be going back in there. I was absolutely petrified and couldn’t stop shaking for two hours. It was just horrific. I hate spiders and I hate them even more now.”

Going into an attic is creepy enough, but finding that a tarantula has left its skin in there is absolutely worse than finding a masturbating murderer in your boiler.

The Cardiff Reptile Centre has said that the spider – probably a Chilean Rose Tarantula – has invariably grown to a nauseating 7 inches in diameter since it shat its skin off.

The skin itself has been sent to a lab for analysis, as it is thought that it will be the first time anyone has found mesothelioma (caused by asbestos exposure) in spider skin.

And the whereabouts of the spider are unknown, so it is probably creeping around on the back of your head while you read this, having sex with your hair.


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