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Danny Boyle: The Olympic spirit is dead

by | 22nd, March 2013

London Olympics Opening Ceremony

SUMMER seems so long ago now, while we all stand at 45 degree angles in the howling wind, sodden by relentless sheets of dreadful rain. There was a time when the sun was out, the Tour De France was being amazing, Wimbledon was on and the Olympics rolled into town.

For a brief moment, a nation was united by the relief that London didn’t mess up the Olympic Games.

From medals, to the personal stories, to Clare Balding being brilliant, the Games was a joyous slice of television and kicking it all off was Danny Boyle’s wonderful opening ceremony, where everyone nearly cried at the unveiling of three letters – “NHS”.

So what of our Olympic legacy? Does the spirit burn brightly in us all to push us onto greater things? Of course not. The Olympians are all doing awful television shows and starring in Subway advertisements and the government are giving zero hope for a brighter future.

As such, Danny Boyle – the man who filled us with cheer – has declared Britain’s Olympic spirit dead, a mere six months after the Games ended.

The Olympic joy has already been killed as families try to cope with unemployment, economic difficulties and cuts, and Boyle said that it would be “naive” to think that the impact on the nation’s psyche could last, adding: “It’s nice to have a fillip like that to feel good together, then you go back to your own private battles.”

“Obviously we are in tough economic times, which means it is difficult finding jobs for people. You can’t keep hoping the optimism of the Games will last.”

All those millions of pounds the tax payer spent on the Games. Was it worth it?

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