Anorak News | Frankfurt Zoo prevents orangutan’s evolving

Frankfurt Zoo prevents orangutan’s evolving

by | 27th, March 2013

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TO Frankfurt Zoo, where evolution is being stymied. Sirih, a 20-year-old orangutan, is now under guard. Christine Kurrle, the zoo spokeswoman, explains why:

“She’s not trying to break out, that is not her aim, she just messes with various things, including the fence, but also the water pipes and heating, and she causes damage. She uses branches and whatever else she can find as tools.¬†So far she is the only one of the six who does this kind of thing but it is obviously not in our interest that the others learn how to manipulate the fence.”

Odd, indeed, that such ingenuity should not be tolerated. But, then, zoos are about conservation not evolution. One day, others will come for her…


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