Anorak News | Fiance of My Little Pony character leaves worrying and angry letter

Fiance of My Little Pony character leaves worrying and angry letter

by | 27th, March 2013

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THE level of some people’s love for My Little Pony is beyond parody. In fact, it is downright worrying. If you do a rudimentary search for ‘bronies’, you’ll find enough material to keep you awake for a whole decade.

One such character has got angry and believes himself to be the fiance of a character called ‘Twilight Sparkle’. Yes, you read that right.

Over at deviantART, where people showcase their artwork of any kind, a user called Kevinsano was creating pieces based on My Little Pony (worrying enough) and the ‘fiance’ took offence at the designs, accusing them of being too sexual in nature (even more worrying).

The anonymous letter read:

“What I find really loathsome is your pension for degrading my partner in both your art and the fan art you’ve been receiving lately,” adding, “Twiley is a sweet and fairly vanilla little mare who I treat with the utmost love and respect, and she definitely does not deserve to be portrayed as some kind of sexual slave.”

Jesus wept.

Apparently, this clearly sick individual has been in a loving relationship with Twilight Sparkle for nearly a year, and explained further:

“I don’t date anyone else… and I have zero interest in having any kind of relationship with anyone other than the mare I adore,” he said. “I love her with all my heart and I’m 100% committed to that love. I assume you’ll probably just dismiss this message as the ramblings of a crazy person and likely ignore it,” the letter concluded, “but if by some chance you do take what I’ve had to say to heart, well – I’d appreciate it.”

The thing here is that, the man who wrote the letter is going to get all the sneers, but let us not forget, this all came about because someone was drawing sexy pictures of a plastic donkey called ‘Twiley’.

We, as a species, have clearly failed. It is only a matter of time before we’re all being chemically castrated by shadowy government officials and we can blame My Little Pony fans for it all.

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