Anorak News | Breaking News! Presenter reads out own marriage proposal!

Breaking News! Presenter reads out own marriage proposal!

by | 28th, March 2013

Jillian Pavlica

WE’RE very cynical here at The Anorak, but sometimes, we can’t help but succumb to lovely, gooey, niceness and we crumple up, wailing tears of joy all over each other and blubbing about how nice things can be sometimes.

No. This isn’t setting you up for a fall where we share a video about someone getting their head cut open by rotary blades. This is genuinely lovely.

Over in That America, a news-anchor unwittingly announced her own imminent engagement on live television. Fox54 presenter Jillian Pavlica read out her own marriage proposal after her autocue was tampered with by her canny fella, Vince.

“We have some breaking news to report to you, Fox54 has just learned that a Huntsville news anchor is being proposed to on live TV right now,” she said.

The tail-end of the sentence saw the presenter breaking up a little while she realised what was going on, before Vince appeared with a simple “Hello my dear,” which prompted Jillian’s tears.

“For years we’ve talked about this. And for years you told me to be patient and that our time would come. Finally all our pieces are falling together… I can’t picture a day in my life not waking up with you by my side.”

Okay, that’s a bit too sentimental for us, but the tears and joyfulness of the situation will help you sidestep any snarky comments you have.

“Here in the Fox54, 100 per cent chance of a few tears of joy tonight,” was the final quip from Jillian’s colleague, which leaves you only one thing to do – watch the video.

Hankies at the ready.

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