Anorak News | Kim Kardashian fake baby bump soon available in all high street stores

Kim Kardashian fake baby bump soon available in all high street stores

by | 3rd, April 2013

kardashian baby fake

“FAT KIM’S PREGNANT A FAKE?” leads the National Enquirer. It’s a headline that suggests a question asked and answered.

Kim Kardashian is carrying hip-hop star Kanye West’s child. The Kardashian way is to exchange privacy for fame. So. Why would she cook up a phantom baby to hide her fatness? Surely simpler for one of the Kardashian Klan to create new episodes by dating a new K-star, like Kris Kristopherson, Kevin Klein, Kato Kalin (grounds keeper for OJ Simpson, who testified at the murder trial where Robert Kardashian, Kim’s dad, worked as the sportsman-turned-actor’s defence counsel), Kiera Knightly or Kermit.

And isn’t fat just a way of empathising with a key American demographic?

More likely the pregnancy has been faked to make pregnancies cool and more street, something any of us can wear at any time? The Kardashian fashion range will feature pregnancy bumps. They will be this decade’s shoulder pads.

The NE says Kim’s bumps “seems to change size and position and even disappear”.

The NE says fake. We say “prior engagement”. The Kardashian Kash Kow can’t be expected to rest for long. It’s not missing. It’s meeting with its agent.

Now work that bump, Kim. Work it!

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