Anorak News | After watching this video of Omar Von Muller and Jumpy, you’ll hate your own dog

After watching this video of Omar Von Muller and Jumpy, you’ll hate your own dog

by | 5th, April 2013

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PEOPLE who have pets are amusing people, mainly because they think that their cats and dogs have empathy for their owners. Pets have two thought processes: ‘I want to shit’ and ‘I want to eat’. Seeing as you facilitate both of these things, it is little wonder they learn the tricks to make them happen.

However, that isn’t to say pets are useless. Some of them are AMAZING. Not yours though. Your pets are rubbish.

How is this qualified? Well, one chap has uploaded a video of his dog, Jumpy, and he’s astonishing. There is no two-ways about it – Jumpy is so brilliant that you’ll actively resent the existence of your pets, as they do little more than loll around and display terrifying flatulence.

See, Jumpy stars in a video called ‘Bad Ass Dog’, and after watching the video, no-one will dare dispute that as Jumpy dives underwater, skateboards, surfs, walks on walls AND FLIES.

Jumpy’s owner is a fella called Omar Von Muller, and he just happened to train Uggie, who you may remember was the star of Oscar winning movie The Artist.

Seeing as Omar has Hollywood contacts already, it is only a matter of time before we see Jumpy starring in its own action film or something. It sure makes that stupid pooch from Britain’s Got Talent look like a waste of space.

Seriously. Jumpy might just be the best animal on the planet. Check this video out. If you fail to be impressed, you’re just being contrary.

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