Anorak News | Shiva is reincarnated as a huge pumpkin

Shiva is reincarnated as a huge pumpkin

by | 10th, April 2013

pumpkin god

IN Bokaro, Jharkhand, the Hindu god Shiva has been reincarnated as an 87kg pumpkin.

The divine pumpkin can be seen at the Dundibagh vegetable market. Umesh Kumar, who found the vegetable, is delighted:

“Seeing it, I had an intuition that it is Lord Shiva. The pumpkin is oval in shape similar to a ‘Shiva Linga’. So I worship the pumpkin and offered it garlands and sweets.”

People have tired to buy it? Kumar has refused.“How can I sell my god?” he aks. But what will become of the pumpkin god?

A holy man has told Kumar that it must be worshipped until Mahashivaratri (next Sunday). After that it will be sliced up and handed out to believers.


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