Anorak News | NRA makes a big noise about gun silencers

NRA makes a big noise about gun silencers

by | 11th, April 2013


THE gun debate dribbles on in the US. The NRA wants the government to relax gun silencer regulations. To buy a silencer you need an FBI background check. Silencers are a Class III weapon regulated under theNational Firearms Act. But silencers, say the fans, means that when hunting you don’t scare the prey. When shooting varmints, you don’t annoy your neighbours. Silencers make shots more accurate, say the manufacturers. But aren’t silencers about killing people, well, silently?

Goldblog argues:

Silencers, in civilian life, have an important purpose — to help criminals commit violent crimes without drawing too much attention to themselves. A person defending his or her home from a violent criminal does not need a silencer. Quite the opposite — the sound of a racked shotgun (as Joe Biden will attest) is often enough to scare an intruder out of your house, without a shot being fired.

Unless that sound causes them to panic and fire madly…

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