Anorak News | Liverpool star serves time on Newcastle and Millwall fans

Liverpool star serves time on Newcastle and Millwall fans

by | 17th, April 2013


FORMER Liverpool and Denmark player Jan Molby uses his EuroSport column to tells readers:

Disgusting violence must spell the end for late weekend kick-offs

Sure enough the FA Cup semi-final between Millwall and Wigan did not kick off until 16:15 GMT. But…

When it is rival supporters fighting that is one thing, but to have one set of segregated fans scrapping with each other – what do you do about that?..

You work to protect people. That’s the police’s job. But…

With the same set of supporters fighting in a section of a stand, it is very difficult to know what can be done to prevent it – but there is no doubt that the police did seem to be very slow to intervene.

Sure. The police think you just separate the rival fans and all is fine. But their job is to protect. They were too slow. But Jan…

One thing that must be addressed is the issue of late weekend kick-offs, because it is driven entirely by TV and is becoming a major issue with security. The justification can no longer be made that the broadcasters pay for the rights and can dictate when a match is played, because the police have to make a stand if they feel that security and safety is being compromised.

He adds:

There is absolutely no need for a weekend FA Cup fixture to be kicking off so late, and crucially it gives the hooligans ample opportunity to fill their boots with alcohol and illegal substances before the match has even got under way.

Sure. But Jan…

…the scenes in Newcastle’s city centre was also very alarming and disturbing. It is linked to unemployment and social frustration, of course, but it was the last thing that football needed.

Whoa! All I learnt from watching football was not to wear a jester’s hat, never leave early and to sing. Jan has learnt more. One thing he hasn’t leant, however, is that Newcastle and Sunderland kicked off at noon.


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