Anorak News | MI6 safehouse features on Google Maps

MI6 safehouse features on Google Maps

by | 19th, April 2013


THE Secret Intelligent Service will be having kittens this morning as one of their buildings appeared on Google Maps, complete with sarcastic reviews.

Somehow, one of MI6’s safehouses in central London found itself included on Street View, which invariably means that it won’t be a safehouse for long, now we all know where it is.

Reports state that British intelligence needn’t worry as this is the handiwork of Reddit jokers, however, The Anorak doesn’t mind going on record and proclaiming that this is clearly a double bluff. We know your game, Bond.

The site is close to Goodge Street Underground Station and reviews from former ‘residents’ have been less than complimentary.

Felt less than safe during my time there, a complete ordeal!” arfed one reviewer

Another added: “I’d have given this a great review, except some twonk has published the location on Google and now I have to move. Great.”

Another complained about the hot water and blamed Gideon Osbourne.

If you’d like to look at the safehouse, click here


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