Anorak News | Terrible tattoos: the pregnant Chicago Bulls star Nate Robinson

Terrible tattoos: the pregnant Chicago Bulls star Nate Robinson

by | 24th, April 2013

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WHENEVER we see a terrible tattoo we remember the words of Ian Pointon, chairman of the Police Federation in Kent, who wanted coppers to display their tattoos. He told us:

‘”They can actually be a good way to start a line of communication with the public. It can be a bit of an ice-breaker.”

He’s right, of course. A tattoo will remind the public that policemen can also make mistakes. “LEEDS” across the knuckles or a noose on the throat can suggest that the copper is fallible. One terrible tattoo is now being sported by Ivan Garcia, a basketball fan who liked Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson so much he got his form inked onto his back. Well, it might be Robinson or it might be the Voldemort, the Harry Potter baddie, holding his pregnant tum-tum and eyeing a piece of Swiss cheese.

Before getting the ink, Garcia approached his idol on Twitter, asking:

“If I get a tattoo of your photo, send me your shirt?”

No reply came. So Garcia got the tattoo anyhow – one of Robinson wearing the kit of his old club, the New York Knicks.The star saw it and tweeted:

“Wow bro thats love … ur a true fan.”

We don’t know if Garcia got his free shirt, but if he did we’d suggest one with long sleeves and smart Oxford collar and cuffs…

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