Anorak News | Women’s magazines turn women against each other

Women’s magazines turn women against each other

by | 26th, April 2013


Sen. Scott Brown 1982

ARE women’s magazines set up to pit women against women?

Noah Berlatsky noted:

The reason images in men’s magazines often look like images in women’s magazines is that . . . they are both doing more or less the same thing. They are making women sexual objects, and serving them up to satisfy, or more likely to provoke, the desires of their readers…

Women get to be in the position of power, looking at and consuming bodies displayed expressly for them.

Ashley Crouch counters:

How sorely ignorant he is of real women. Studies show 75 percent of real women report feeling depressed or shameful after only three minutes of reading a fashion magazine. There’s a good reason for this–the images elevate hypersexualized body image as the primary measure of a person’s worth. The body becomes a tool to be utilized for the ultimate achievement: usually “pleasing your man.”

It’s the Cosmo revolution…

Photo: Scott Brown, right, with his sister Lee Ann sit in their Melrose, Massachusetts, home on Monday, May 18, 1982 after it was formerly announced that Scott would be in the centerfold of the upcoming edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. Brown’s sister entered his name in the contest sponsored by Cosmopolitan which he won over 7,000 other entrants. 

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