Anorak News | Shanghai butcher sold mink, rat and fox as lamb

Shanghai butcher sold mink, rat and fox as lamb

by | 4th, May 2013

rat meat

GOOD news for the fur industry and possibly Tesco and Findus: the meat by-products taste like lamb.

The South China Morning Post’s report from Shanghai is that people choosing to eat lamb could well have been chomping down on rat, fox or mink. But not all of the meats is so easy to identify.

Says the Ministry of Public Security:

“Since 2009, the suspect, surnamed Wei, has bought foxes, minks, rats and other uninspected meat products in Shandong. After adding gelatine, carmine, nitrate and other substances, he sold the meat as fake lamb rolls [for hot pot] at farmers’ markets in Jiangsu and Shanghai.”

Police raided Wei’s operation, seizing 10 tons of meat and “additives“.

Yummy! Now for the mane course…

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