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‘Tired and emotional’ BBC radio DJ is pulled off air

by | 13th, May 2013

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PAULA White never got to finish her last BBC Radio Stoke show. She kicked off at 1pm on Friday afternoon but 30 minutes later she was hooked off.

A listener texted her to ask: “Paula you sound drunk.”

White replied: “I’m not drunk, I’ve had a couple of drinks I’m not drunk.”

Given revelations and accusations about BBC radio DJs such as Jimmy Savile and John Peel, both of whom were given tributes on the Beeb, a few dops of bromide or some other anaphrodisiac the BBC Scotch might have worked wonders for them.

A BBC Spokesperson explains what happened:

“Paula White was unable to continue on-air as she was under par. Fortunately Denholm Siergertz was on hand to take over the show and listeners were able to enjoy the usual lively mix of chat and local news. We can confirm that this was Paula’s last show in the afternoon weekday slot on BBC Radio Stoke.”

This seems to be great shame. Allowing White to freewheel at the decks and take calls from whomsoever she wished to discuss items on her own agenda and not of the BBC’s would have been a welcome break from the routine.

And then spare a thought for White, who, like all BBC DJs, now forced to be filmed on webcams and photographed for the BBC websites. The official Paula White photo is seen above. The one below is taken from her webcam shows.

paula white stoke 1

paula white stoke


It would drive anyone to drink.

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