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How Matt Drudge became a posture

by | 13th, May 2013

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HOW does Matt Drudge do it? The New York Times notes:

To ease his back, neck and shoulder pain, Mr. Drudge says he has learned how to adjust his posture. Whether he’s typing in the car, from the wooden folding chair in his Miami home office, or from a boardwalk bench at the beach on cloudy days, he makes sure to tilt the top of his pelvis forward, roll his shoulders back, elongate his spine and straighten his craned neck.

Drudge’s spine is a graduate of Esther Gokhale, of whom he says:

“I needed her touch, her observations and her humanity.”

He now is a walking posture:

“But I don’t beat myself up about it. When I’m aware of my posture, I fix it. And eventually, I think, it becomes who you are.”

The man’s a backbone with fingers…

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