Anorak News | Police say middle-aged men in Lycra are now the norm

Police say middle-aged men in Lycra are now the norm

by | 26th, May 2013

lycra menMEN of a certain age dressed in Lycra Onesies and Lycra hot pants are on push bikes. It’s an unforgiving symphony of bulges, rolls and boniness. Tim Burton sensibly declined the chance to look like a former roadie for Pan’s People, preferring to wear denims and cotton T-shirt on his cycle.

He was soon stopped by Keynsham terror, PC Keith James.

Mr Burton later tweeted: Just got stopped by the police for ‘not wearing Lycra’ but being on a road bike.” 

PC James, of Avon and Somerset Police, explained that he had forced Mr Burton to stop because it was “unusual to see an expensive bike being ridden by someone in non-cycling clothes”. 

We live in odd times when men in Lycra are considered the done thing, able to go about in public arousing no suspicions in the active minds of our police force.

But, then, of course, have you seen PC James’ hat?



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