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The worst condom adverts of 2013

by | 29th, May 2013

CONDOMS. How you advertise them? They can be musical, spiritual, robotic, refreshing, fashionable, seasonal, toothy, oily and  tasteless. Here are a  few recent ideas:


Burning sex. Who doesn’t like that?

condom ad fails


Women don’t like sex.They only do it for money to go shopping. Not insulting at all.

condom ads 4

condom ads 6


Your lover doesn’t turn you on so you have to maintain interest by thinking about traffic and bad paintings of Jesus.

condom ads


She keeps trying to get away but there’s no escaping that gigantic knob. 

condom greece



Is that her mother?


condom fail 2


Putting the board in bored.


condom fail 3



condom fail 6



Has she just seen his genital warts? Or is it yet another advert degrading women?

condom fail 9



Spotter: Copyranter

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