Anorak News | Dunkin Donuts bigot Taylor Chapman becomes a hero of US lawyers (video)

Dunkin Donuts bigot Taylor Chapman becomes a hero of US lawyers (video)

by | 11th, June 2013

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RIGHT now a US donuts Rights lawyer is drawing up litigation to sue the arse off Dunkin’ Donuts for breach of glaze. The woman making this video of herself insulting employees of a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts store might look like a lazy, thick, bigoted, pathetic, delusional, self-important arsehat. But in reality she’s just pushing the envelope of the US legal profession.

Upset at the service, she says her lawyers “on it”. She then tells one worker:

“‘Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy with your little fucking sand nigger self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”

The man behind her who doesn’t make any eye contact is rumoured to be a professor of law. He’s not evading Chapman’s eyes lest she start befriending him; he’s appraising her argument. If she fails, he’s going to sue her for abuse of eardrums in a public setting and gross failure to secure his permission before filming. That’s a $20m law suit right there. America is that great.

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